Developer Communication Methods

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Oct 25, 2006 at 7:36 PM
We're getting to the point now where we can possibly get quite a few people working on this tool and making it great all at once. Peter sent me mail today asking for somebody else's contact information, and I realized that even though we're all "forum people", these forums might not be the best way for us to get information.

So, let's take it to a vote--do we continue discussion on these forums (and depend on the RSS feed to keep us informed), just email each other directly (you could all send your email addresses and Live Messenger names to me, and I'll distribute them to everyone else), or use something like an MSN group, which allows for forum style communication OR email (but we have yet another site to go to potentially.)

What would everyone like to see?
Oct 25, 2006 at 7:50 PM
As much as I think it's best to keep things associated with the project (i.e. within the discussion tab here on codeplex), it just isn't in my day-to-day notification system and will likely get missed... e.g. I have to poll Discussions here to find anything new, even RSS readers simply poll--there's no email notification or anything like that on codeplex.

For important issues, yes, discuss it here in Discussions. But, for more timely conversations (like: "hey, what did you mean by XYZ in issue 9999?") email/messenger seems like a better approach.