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Welcome to the Microsoft Forums Moderators Toolset Homepage!

The Microsoft Forums Moderators Toolset is a community-based application that offers an advanced toolset for moderators of the Microsoft Forums to make moderators more efficient and productive. The Microsoft Forums Moderators Toolset's goal is to offer the following pieces of high-level functionality:
  • Advanced Search of the Forums
  • Community Tagging
  • Question Assignment
  • Bookmarking
  • Off-topic Post Labeling
  • Auto-text entry and posting to the forums
  • Anything else you want to add...

Project Status: Private Beta

This project currently has a beta released that is closed to only MSDN Forum moderators for most functionality. If you are a forum moderator, you can download the current release here. For the secret phrase to register with a account, please read this forums post (you'll need to be signed into the MSDN Forums as a moderator to read the post):

If you are not a moderator, you can still download the Forums MSN Search Constructor Tool here.

ForumExplorer Beta 1
ForumExplorer Beta1.JPG

Forums MSN Search Constructor Tool 1.1

Want to Join the Development Community?

Interested in joining this project? We'd love to have your help! Here are some requirements for contributing to this project:
  1. You must be an active moderator on the Microsoft Forums (the forums hosted at
  2. You must have (at a minimum) Visual C# 2005 Express Edition installed. Other versions of Visual Studio 2005 are also fine.
  3. You need to install (the freely downloadable) Team Explorer to connect to the CodePlex Team Foundation Server:
  4. You should request to be added to the project by posting in the "Discussions" tab above. Be sure to include your display name on the forums so we know who you are!

The Developer Guide for how to develop with this project is available here:

Developer Guide

Project Documents

Developer Guide
High Level Requirements
Possible UI Designs for the Moderators Toolset

Microsoft Forums MSN Search Constructor Tool

Current Version: 1.1

There is a release and source code available for the Microsoft Forums MSN Search Constructor tool, a small tool that allows any user to construct complex queries against the Microsoft Forums using the metadata around questions, such as question status, forum, answerer name, or helpful rating. Check out the "Releases" tab to download the latest binaries.

A huge thank you to Peter Ritchie, who helped refine the forums search tool!


To use the Microsoft Forums MSN Search Constructor Tool, you will need the .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your machine running Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista. The .NET Framework can be downloaded here:

Test Files

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